ELAC On-Wall Speakers

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ELAC On-Wall Speakers


  • Turn Your Music On-Wall
    Wall-mounted loudspeakers
    Line WS 1400 & WS 1600
  • Finding the perfect position for the new Line WS models couldn’t be easier. A little wall space is all that these loudspeakers need to unleash their full potential. Despite their shallow cabinet depth of just 84 mm (less than 3½ inches), they use the very latest chassis and driver technology to deliver full-scale sound with deep, powerful bass. Ideal for TV and surround-sound applications, they are also perfect for serious music listening, conveniently mounted on the wall.
  • Особености

    • WS 1425
      Compact and powerful – the WS 1425 creates an extremely consistent soundstage across a wide listening area thanks to its coaxial drive unit. It is ideal for stereo and multi-channel applications. Its tonal balance also blends seamlessly with other models in the WS lines.
    • WS 1445
      It delivers a truly cinematic experience in traditional stereo … and naturally in surround sound. Combining a woofer using AS technology and a silk dome tweeter, this loudspeaker sounds exceptionally detailed but packs a powerful punch despite its compact dimensions.
    • WS 1465
      Mounted horizontally or vertically, used as a center loudspeaker in multi-channel applications, or simply as the consummate entertainer on those occasions when you can turn the sound up a notch – the WS 1465 is the perfect choice for installations where high-quality reproduction is required.
    • WS 1645
      The WS 1645 offers music reproduction without compromises … in any frequency range. The resemblance to the award-winning BS 312 is obvious. After all, it uses the same powerful woofer incorporating AS-XR technology and the high-resolution JET 5 tweeter. The WS 1645 effortlessly reproduces deep bass that lacks nothing in terms of impact.
    • WS 1665
      If you want that little bit extra, the WS 1665 equipped with two woofers is the loudspeaker of choice for large listening rooms or if higher playback levels are required. Offering a very similar sound to the WS 1645, but with even greater bass impact, the WS 1665 can also serve as a traditional center loudspeaker in combination with other models.

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