PERREAUX 200iX Integrated Amplifier

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PERREAUX 200iX Integrated Amplifier

2x230W 8Ω стерео интегриран усилвател с DSD DAC (ES SABRE Reference 9038 PRO 24-bit/384kHz asynchronous USB DAC), MM/MC Phono, Class A Headphone Amplifier, Bluetooth (SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-LL, aptX-HD and LDAC), Home Theatre Loop, Headphone output (PERREAUX SXH2 Class A headphone amplifier – driving headphones between 8and 600 Ohms).
Усилвателят притежава обширни настройки чрез прегледно екранно меню, което можете да управлявате чрез бутоните на предния панел, дистанционното управление или чрез приложението за вашия смартфон.
Ще споменем някои от настройките:
– 2 режима на работа на усилвателя: за нисък и за висок импеданс
– изключване на ненужните входове и изходи
– индивидуално ниво и име за всеки вход и изход
– няколко филтъра за PCM и DSD за всеки цифров вход
– контрол на максималната мощност на усилвателя
– настройки на грамофонния вход за MM и MC дози
– настройка за слушалковия изход в клас А


  • Custom Colour Options
  • Available in any colour of your hearts desire – including black; the PERREAUX 200iX is hand painted and delivered to order in your choice of custom colour and finish. A true work of art – the 200iX will blend in or stand out. Order yours today!
  • Integrated Class A Headphone Amplifier
  • The 200iX features our legendary SXH2 Class A headphone amplifier for personal headphone listening. Capable of effortlessly powering headphones from 8 – 600 Ohms. The SXH2 incorporates its own fully-independent power supply with power saving function and high / low power mode option.
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  • The 200iX provides CD quality, Bluetooth audio streaming direct from any Bluetooth equipped PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Oled Digital Display
  • The 200iX front panel features a high-contrast, monochrome, Oled digital display with adjustable brightness, text size and remote-controllable screen-mute functionality.
  • Advanced Microprocessor Control
  • The 200iX’s extensive range of user-customisable functions and stepped analog volume controller are managed by a powerful onboard (electrically isolated) third-generation microprocessor. This provides flexible and functional user options for system configuration and control including stepped volume and balance control, custom operation and mute level setting and customised input naming.
  • Remote Control Options
  • The 200iX can be remotely controlled by using the convenient and functional PERREAUX iOS / Android bluetooth remote app – available free for download from Apple App store / Google Play store. The 200iX also features an included full-function, hand-held Infra Red Remote Control.
  • Home Theatre (HT) Loop
  • Integrate the 200iX into your Home Theatre system using the selectable home theatre input loop. This function allows the 200iX to receive signal and provide power to the main L/R speakers as a component of a surround sound system.
  • Balanced (XLR) Inputs
  • For use with balanced analog audio sources and professional audio devices such as CD players, tape machines and mixing consoles enabling the 200iX to take full advantage of the benefits of balanced analog audio.
  • Non-invasive Protection
  • The 200iX features sophisticated microprocessor controlled protection for the amplifier and connected load. The protection covers supply (soft-charge), over-current, over-temperature, DC offset, internal AC supply and DC fuse protection. The protection is non-invasive and does not interfere with or degrade the audio signal path.
  • Integrated Trigger Output
  • This handy function allows the 200iX to have standby control over, or be controlled by, compatible trigger input connected audio equipment such as the PERREAUX SM6 MkII preamplifier, 100p Stereo power amplifier, 350 Stereo power amplifier or 750 Monoblock power amplifier.
  • High Current Power
  • With its internal high powered MOSFET class AB power amplifier and toroidal power supply , the 200iX is capable of continuously delivering 230 Watts of power into an 8Ω load and an impressive 500 Watts into 4Ω.
  • Isolation Feet
  • To minimize vibrations, aftermarket isolation ‘feet’ can be easily attached to the 200iX if desired. Additionally the 200iX has the ability to go from the standard 4 feet to a 3 feet pattern to further minimise mechanical isolation.
  • Asynchronous Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)
  • Stream high resolution digital audio directly from your computer via the optional , integrated, up-sampling, ES SABRE Reference 9038 PRO 24-bit/384kHz asynchronous USB DAC. The 9038 features a USB input, 2 x Optical (Toslink) Digital Inputs, 2 x Coaxial (SPDIF) Digital Inputs for the connection of Digital Set Top Boxes, TV, CD Players, Music Streamers or Games Consoles and an AES EBU (XLR) Digital Input for the connection of professional digital audio sources.
  • Phono Preamplifier Module
  • The 200iX features an integrated PERREAUX Moving Magnet (MM) / Moving Coil (MC) phono preamplifier module with Earth Binding Post. This microprocessor controlled module provides simple connection and input gain control for both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil turntables.
  • Built To Last
  • Mechanical strength, reliability and longevity have always been the hallmarks of PERREAUX’s amplifier designs. The 200iX is a rugged, powerful, high performance stereo power amplifier designed to drive the most challenging of speaker loads with minimal effort. Buy one for life.
  • Digital Inputs
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming, USB, AES / EBU Input, 2 x Optical (Toslink) Inputs, 2 x Coaxial (SPDIF) Coaxial Inputs
  • Analog Inputs
  • 1 x pair Balanced Inputs (XLR), 5 x pairs Unbalanced Inputs (RCA), 1 x pair Preamp In (RCA).
  • Analog Outputs
  • 1 x pair Unbalanced Line (TAPE) Outputs (RCA), 1 pair Unbalanced Preamplifier Outputs (RCA), 1 pair of Speaker Binding Posts per channel, 1 Headphone Output (6.35mm jack).
  • Misc
  • 1 x Trigger output (3.5mm jack), 1x IR Input, 1 x IR Output


  • Amplifier
  • Rated Power Output (per channel):
  • 230W into 8Ω
  • 400W into 4Ω
  • Maximum Power Output (prior to clipping, per channel):
  • 230W into 8Ω
  • 400W into 4Ω
  • Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise
  • Typically: 0.002% @ 1kHz, 200W into 8Ω
  • 20Hz to 20kHz: 0.010%, 200W into 8Ω
  • Frequency Response
  • 20Hz to 20kHz: +0.00dB, -0.15dB
  • 5Hz to 60kHz: +0.00dB, -0.50dB
  • Damping Factor: 800 @ 1kHz, 230W into 8Ω
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (unweighted): better than 98dB, ref. 200W
  • Preamplifier Section
  • Input Impedance
  • Unbalanced: 12kΩ
  • Balanced: 22kΩ
  • Input Overload
  • Unbalanced: 8Vrms
  • Balanced: 8Vrms
  • Volume Control Range: -95.5dB to +31.5dB
  • Volume Control Resolution: 0.5dB per step
  • Input Volume Trim Range: ±40dB
  • Balance Resolution: 0.5dB
  • Balance Range: 40dB
  • Headphone Amplifier
  • Headphone Rated Power Output:
  • 1.0W into 32Ω
  • 150mW into 300Ω
  • Headphone Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise
  • Typically: 0.001% @ 1kHz, 1.0W into 32Ω
  • 20Hz to 20kHz: less than 0.002%, 1.0W into 32Ω
  • Headphone Volume Trim Range: ±40dB
  • 200iX DAC Module Specifications
  • Digital Inputs:
  • 2 SPDIF Coax (RCA)
  • 2 SPDIF Optical (Toslink)
  • 1 USB (Type B)
  • 1 AES EBU (XLR)
  • Chipsets: ES9038PRO Sabre DAC / XMOS (32bit / 140db noise floor)
  • Input Sample Rate:
  • 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz (Coax, Optical)
  • 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384 kHz / DSD 64, 128, 256 (USB)
  • Input Word Length (maximum):
  • 32-bit (Coax, Optical)
  • 32-bit (USB)
  • Input Impedance: 75Ω (Coax)
  • Transformer Coupled
  • Coax: Yes
  • Optical: No
  • USB: Asynchronous and Galvanically Isolated
  • Analogue Section
  • Digital to Analogue Conversion: 32-bit/384kHz
  • Output Voltage: 2.0Vrms @ 0dBFS
  • Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise: 0.002%, 20Hz-20kHz @ 0dBFS
  • Frequency Response
  • 20Hz to 20kHz: +0.0dB, -0.1dB
  • 5Hz to 94kHz: +0.0dB, -3.0dB
  • Dynamic Range (unweighted): better than 115dB @ 0dBFS
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (unweighted): better than 115dB @ 0dBFS
  • Channel Separation: better than 110dB @ 0dBFS
  • Stop Band: 105kHz
  • Stop Band Attenuation: 125dB
  • Input Impedance
  • Low Gain (MM): 47kΩ
  • High Gain (MC): 100Ω
  • Input Capacitance: 22pF
  • Gain
  • Low Gain (MM): 40dB
  • High Gain (MC): 60dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise
  • Typically: 0.002% @ 1kHz, low gain setting
  • 20Hz to 20kHz: less than 0.010%, low gain setting
  • RIAA Accuracy: ±0.5dB, 20Hz-20kHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (unweighted): better than 85dB, low gain setting
  • Dimensions
  • Width: 426mm
  • Depth: 344mm
  • Height: 149mm
  • Weight: 19kg



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