M&K Sound V10+ Subwoofer

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M&K Sound V10+ Subwoofer

M&K Sound is proud to announce the availability of the brand-new Compact V10+ subwoofer,
an upgraded version of the small-footprint and living room friendly V10.

  • The V10+ delivers an opportunity for consumers to enjoy that legendary deep and accurate bass for which M&K Sound is world-renowned in a compact and affordable package. The new subwoofer allows a wider audience to experience ‘The Choice of Professionals’ and listen to movies and music the way they are meant to be heard.The manageable form factor of the beautifully designed V10+ (available in black satin or white satin finishes) with new curved cabinet design means it can be placed almost anywhere in a residential or office environment without drawing attention to itself. Feel those rumbles without the clutter!
  • Upgrades
  • M&K Sound’s expert engineering team has increased the amplifier power output for the V10+ from 200W to 300W RMS and extended deep bass output from 25Hz down to a growling 20Hz (-6dB).
  • A single 10-inch driver with newly treated paper cone in a sealed anti- resonant enclosure – combined with a high-efficiency Class D amplifier and M&K’s proprietary ‘front end’ input stage – ensure that the signature bass performance is not just heard by the audience, but viscerally felt.
  • M&K Sound’s Compact V10+ Subwoofer sports a brand new curved and tapered external housing with tastefully formed embossed logo, making this discrete powerhouse of deep bass ideal for placement within any décor-friendly or design- conscious environment.
  • Combined with a newly developed and magnetized front grill, which can be easily removed and replaced, the V10+ represents an unrivaled ergonomics and performance package for movie fans, audiophiles and casual listeners alike.


  • Frequency Response: 24-200 Hz (Average Response in Room +/- 3 dB)
  • Frequency Roll Off: 24 Hz (-6 dB 20 Hz Nearfield )
  • Variable Low Pass Filter: 60-200 Hz Continuesly Variable / 4th Order
  • Phase Control: 0 – 180 deg Continuesly Variable
  • Line level input/output: 2 x RCA phono Left / Right – input / output
  • Amplifier type: Analog input / switch mode power output
  • System Principle: Sealed enclosure
  • Amplifier Power output RMS: 300 watt 0.5% THD at 300W into 4 ohms
  • Amplifier Power output Peak: 600 watt
  • Standby Power Consumption: 0.5 watt 30W Average, 150W Max
  • Headroom Limiter Maximizer: Yes (Dynamic driver excursion control)
  • Auto Power detect on/off Yes
  • Dimensions: H x W x D: 45 x 345 x 345 mm
  • Weight: Netto 15.4 kg
  • Manual: Yes Safety Manual included in packing
  • Accessories: Yes Gloves, US/EU Power cords, Rubber Feet

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