M&K Sound X15+ THX Dominus Subwoofer

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M&K Sound X15+ THX Dominus Subwoofer

M&K Sound unveils new X+ Series line of THX Certified® Reference Subwoofers

  • The most advanced subwoofers technologies for the future
  • New Carbon Fibre Woofer Cones have been developed for all models with ultra-high strength and rigidity to accommodate the added power and excursion of the new X+ Series. M&K Sound’s proprietary CNC-machined, extruded aluminium Distortion Killer Shorting Rings also guarantee absolute control and distortion-free, exemplary performance in all settings.
  • M&K Sound’s iconic Push-Pull subwoofer architecture and “reversed double driver” non-isobaric configuration mean that both drivers in the cabinet are ‘exposed’ to room air. Consequently, and like the X-Series before, the X+ Series models are effectively two subwoofers in one cabinet enabling a further associated reduction in distortion. This is made possible by having one inverted driver in relation to the other cancelling non-linearities to produce totally symmetric waveforms.
  • The X15+, X12+ and X10+ all feature full 25mm MDF construction and bracing for negligible panel vibrations or cabinet resonances, and increased venting at the base of the woofers mitigates distortion due to air turbulence. These milled cavities also act as convenient carrying handles for installation efficiency.
  • M&K’s function and form co-exsist in harmony
    Cosmetic makeovers for the X+ Series arrive in the form of recessed front baffles and convenient invisible magnetic grille attachment mechanisms. Harmonizing with the bold but Scandi-cool looks of the M&K S150 and S300 speakers, the new subwoofers offer cleaner lines and more discreet curved edges to complement living spaces or dedicated home cinema rooms.
  • Specifications

    • THX® Certification: THX® Certification Class Dominus
    • Frequency Response: 16-200 Hz (Average Response in Room +/- 3 dB)
    • Frequency Roll Off – THX EQ: 16 Hz (-6 dB 20 Hz Nearfield )
    • Frequency Roll Off – Anechoic EQ: 16 Hz (-6 dB 20 Hz Nearfield )
    • Variable Low Pass Filter: 40-125 Hz Continuously Variable / 4th Order
    • Low Pass Filter Bypass: 40-200 Hz No Low Pass
    • Fixed 80 Hz Filter: (Equivalent to THX 80Hz Ref Low Pass)
    • Phase Control: 0 – 180 deg Continuously Variable
    • Line level input/output: 2 x RCA phono Left / Right – input / output
    • Line level input/output: 2 x XLR Left / Right – Input / output
    • Amplifier type: Analog input / switch mode power output
    • Drive unit: 2 x 15” Extra Long Throw
    • System Principle: Push Pull Sealed enclosure
    • Amplifier Power output RMS: 700 watt <0.5% THD at 300W into 4 ohms
    • Amplifier Power output Peak: 1400 watt
    • Standby Power Consumption: 0.5 watt 120W Average, 800W Max
    • Headroom Limiter Maximizer: (Dynamic driver excursion control)
    • Auto Power: detect on/off
    • Finish: Satin Black
    • Dimensions H x W x D: 83.3 x 51.5 x 46.0 cm
    • Weight Netto: 61.1 kg
    • Manual: Safety Manual included in packaging
    • Accesories: Gloves, US/EU Power cords, Rubber Feet

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